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Welcome to AllarKalam.com . We hope that you will find good news for the Rohingya on this site. God loves the Rohingya and cares for them. He reaches out to you so that your heart and soul can be filled with a new and eternal hope. A hope that only God can give.

The Holy Bible tells us how God revealed himself in old times. The Holy Scripture is revealing God’s love to us. This word of God shall lead you on the path of eternal life.

In this website you can find in the Rohingya language parts of The Torah, the Psalms, the Prophets and The New Testament, which now are translated to Rohingya!

You can freely listen to or watch the material online through internet. You can also download this into your Android device, your computer or into your phone memory. As soon as new parts of The Holy Scriptures are translated, we will also publish them in this website.

This is God’s Word for you, so listen carefully!

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